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Our Job Ads Packages

Packages Price before Tax Price before Tax in USD
3 free Basic Job Ads per month Free
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Looking for more visibility and service quality ? Choose our Premium Packs
1 Premium Job Ad MWK 25,000 USD3315
1 Month Unlimited Premium Job Ads Posting MWK 37,500 USD4973
1 Gold Job Ad (preselection of applications) MWK 200,000 USD26520
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Job Ads Package Features
Free logo on your ad Stay visible to candidates. Your logo is inserted for free on your ads and in the directory of recruiters.
Email notification of applications received Be informed at any time by email of the receipt of new applications to your ads.
Working with you during the diffusion of your ad Our Quality Managers support you throughout the diffusion of your ad and monitor your ad to ensure the best return of applications.
Multidiffusion of your ad Get 2x more applications and gain visibility: Your ads are multicast on the site as well as on LinkedIn and Facebook.
Receipt of applications from non-registered profiles on the site Get more applications: Receive applications from profiles not registered on the site but interested in your ad (possibility for candidates to apply without an account).
Sending your job offer to the available candidates of our CV database Get more applications: All avaiblable candidates of our CV database matching your criteria and not having yet applied are informed of your ad by email.
Elevate your ad to the top of the list Get more applications: Your ads are elevated to the top of the ads list a week after their publication, and more visible to candidates.
Filters for managing the received applications Benefit from filters (level of study, level of experience, trades, sectors of activity, type of contract, languages and regions) to manage the applications received more efficiently and quickly.
Automatic sorting of the applications received by relevance (Matching) Benefit from the automatic sorting of the applications received to your ad by relevance (Matching), and save time in processing the applications.
Excel summary table of the applications received to your ad Download all the applications received in an Excel summary table in order to have a complete visibility of all the applicants who have applied to your ad, and to be able to share the summary table with your teams.
Reception by email of the applications (Option) Option: Get by email the CVs and applications to your ad while still maintaining the benefits of managing the applications on your recruiter account.
Block irrelevant applications (Option) Option: Receive only applications that meet the criteria of your ad. Applicants who do not have the required level of education and / or experience will not be able to apply to your ad.
Publication of you ad in anonymous mode (Option) Option: Publish your ads in anonymous mode. The logo, name and description of your company will not be visible to applicants.
10 free CVs offered on our CV database for the purchase of each Premium ad Get 10 free CVs on our CV database for the purchase of each Premium ad in order to be able to search for profiles on our CV database.
Insert your ad Our HR Consultants assist you and manage the drafting and insertion of your ad.
Sharing your job offer with targeted candidates from our CV database Our HR Consultants send your job offer to all the candidates in our CV database that match your criteria.
Preselection and qualification by our HR Consultants of applications received Our HR Consultants select for you the best applications received to your ad. You receive CV packages of the preselected and qualified candidates matching your criteria.
Summary table of the best shortlisted candidates Get a summary table with the current salary, salary expectations and availability of the best shortlisted candidates.
Personalized support until the candidate is hired Our HR Consultants support you throughout your recruitment until the candidate is hired.

We target Professionals on standby with Premium and Gold job ads

We do not wait for candidates to come to you.

We send your offer to Professionals on standby who match your criteria.

Get a step ahead in your recruitments!

Save time with the Gold job ad!

We select for you the applications received to your job ad.