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» Health and social professions
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01.2017 - 11.2018
Social Work
Social work is helping people to help themselves. In this training I have learned a lot on changing the mindset of people from lower level to higher level through giving them business ideas, providing guidance and counseling. To add on that, we understand why human being behave in the way they behave.
01.2014 - 09.2016
Community Development
Poly Continuing Education Centre
Community Development is the process of changing people from lower to higher level through their way of living for example health, finances, and the human being as a whole.. In community development I learnt a lot on how to manage disasters and conflicts.
Professional experience
Less than 2 years
» Research and development
» Services other
» Social, public and human services
» Sports, cultural and social action
» Temporary work, recruitment
Advanced computer skills Good team work skills Good oral and written communication skills Good interpersonal skills
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Place of residence : Balaka
Permanent contract

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