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Company :MUKURU
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Banking, insurance, finance
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Mukuru leads the way in Africa when it comes to money transfers and a leading Next Gen Financial Services Platform that offers affordable and reliable financial services to the emerging consumer.

From our foundations based on providing the migrant diaspora with safe, convenient money transfers, we’ve evolved a wide range of products and services to suit our customer’s exact needs.

Our value-added services include:

  • Cash Transfers
  • Mukuru Funeral Cover
  • The Mukuru Card
  • The Mukuru Wallet
  • Mukuru Groceries

Our successful customer engagement strategy hinges on how we speak to our customers clearly and plainly based on a deep understanding of their unique pain points.

We engage with our customers via WhatsApp, free USSD, the Mukuru App, and our website. Our call centre offers customer service in 15 different languages to suit our client’s needs.