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Advice, audit, accounting
Engineering, development studies
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Company Description

AIM is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Private Company established in Lagos, Nigeria in 1979 and has become one of the leading Multidisciplinary Consulting Firms not only in Nigeria but also in West Africa, extending its services to Sub-Saharan Africa.

AIM's services cover a multitude of tasks including Architecture, Planning, Civil/Structural Engineering, Electrical and Low Current, Mechanical Engineering (CAV and Plumbing), Fire Control, ICT, Quantity Surveying, Land Surveying/Topography, Landscaping, as well as the full range of Infrastructure Site Work disciplines. In addition, AIM is familiar with Green Building Design requirements, in line with our latest experience on the development of  the African Development Bank Tower in Abuja, Nigeria, which required the AfDB Building to meet LEED (Leadership in Environmental Engineering and Design) Certification, which will reduce the building's operating costs.

The Scope of Services provided by AIM includes the following:

  • Project ManagementInstitutional and Capacity Building
  • Pre-Investment Studies / Evaluations
  • Feasibility and Economic Viability Studies
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Preliminary Project and Final Execution ProjectTender and Contractual Documents

AIM competes in Sub-Saharan countries, particularly on projects from Donors such as the World Bank, ADB, IsDB and AFD (Agence Française de Développement), ECOWAS and other International Organizations.

In Nigeria, AIM participates in all projects sponsored by International Organizations and almost all Federal Ministries, Parapublic Agencies and the FCDA, and has so far worked in 33 States.