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Short Term Consultancy Services for Conducting Baseline Assessment

Published on 28.04.2023


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Job Ad & Profile Description

Position : Short Term Consultancy Services for Conducting Baseline Assessment


A comprehensive baseline assessment provides a basis for tracking performance of the project and establishing standards for comparison before project onset and measuring attributable changes at midline and endline of implementation. The MOMENTUM Tiyeni baseline assessment will establish data points that will facilitate ongoing project performance tracking and set a foundation for the evaluation of the project, at midterm or at the end of term by providing a basis for comparison not just in the data points but also in the approaches.

Against this background, MOMENTUM Tiyeni project seeks to recruit services of an independent consultant or consulting firm to collect the baseline data for the project and document processes used in the course of data collection to inform future evaluations and effective comparison of data points between rounds.


The purpose of this consultancy assignment is to establish the baseline status of key project performance indicators through a retrospective review of HMIS data and conducting a survey as defined by the indicator definitions before implementation of activities. The baseline assessment will further include a data quality audit to document the extent of discrepancies between the registers and the DHIS2 and assess the knowledge attitudes and practices of key behaviors addressed by the project’s interventions.


The independent consultant or consulting firm will be required to conduct a comprehensive desk and records review. This will include a review of all relevant national documents and global evidence to provide the status of each thematic area under the project and a review of HMIS (DHIS2 and other systems) to establish the baseline status. Based on the assessment goal and the key performance indicators to be studied, the consultant/firm will develop an assessment methodology commensurate with the key questions to be answered.


  • A selected independent consultant or consulting firm will spearhead implementation of the baseline assessment which will include but is not limited to comprehensive literature review, assessment designing, records review and data collection, report writing and sharing of the assessment findings with the MOMENTUM Team and USAID.
  • Under the supervision of the Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Informatics (MEL), the consulting firm or consultant will be responsible for the following activities:
  • Conduct a comprehensive literature review focusing on Maternal Health, Malaria in Pregnancy, Newborn and Child Health, Family Planning/Reproductive Health including Adolescents and Youth, nutrition, WASH, COVID, and cholera.
  • Develop a robust assessment methodology in alignment with the project indicators and other project priorities in close consultation with MOMENTUM Tiyeni project leads.
  • Calculate study sample size using a sound methodology and assumptions.
  • Develop the data collection tool(s) that covers all the key aspects of the assessment.
  • Collaborate with the Director MEL to obtain relevant approvals to conduct the baseline assessment.
  • Organize the assessment protocol to meet the standards of both local and international IRB for submission and address any potential questions.
  • In collaboration with the Director MEL, identify, recruit, and train enumerators and supervisors on the data collection processes and research ethics.
  • Script the tool in ODK, Survey CTO or any other mobile data collection package.
  • Pretest the tool for validity.
  • Conduct HMIS data review and data quality audit and document status of the indicator and indicator calculation approach.
  • Organize and provide logistical support (transport, per-diem, etc.) to interviewers and supervisors while data are being collected.
  • Deliver entered data in a format readable by common statistical software (e.g., Stata) on an ongoing basis.
  • Lead the data cleaning exercise and data analysis.
  • Produce a draft and final reports of the baseline assessment findings.
  • Present the findings to the MOMENTUM Tiyeni team.


  • The successful consulting firm or consultant will work under the guidance of the MOMENTUM Tiyeni Director of MEL. They shall submit the required report and all databases to the MOMENTUM Tiyeni team through the Director of MEL. The consultant will closely consult with government departments and other partners working in the RMNCAH+N arena, as necessary.


  • A consulting firm or a consultant will be engaged for this assignment. A contract will be signed with the firm or independent consultant. Based on the study sample size, the consulting firm/ consultant will work with the Director MEL to identify suitable data collection team for the assessment. The consulting firm or consultant will provide team leaders to organize or oversee all the study operations. The consultant team shall agree on a division of labor among themselves for better coordination.


  • The assignment is expected to be implemented within 60 working days after the signing of the contracts. Contractual/professional fees will be paid upon submission of deliverables as per the following milestones, and approval of the same by the MOMENTUM Tiyeni Project.


  • Key deliverables of this assignment are summarized as follows:
  • Deliverable Description.
  • Inception report Report should describe the following:
  • Understanding of assignment.
  • Detailed assessment methodology.
  • Key evaluation questions
  • Timelines (activities, responsible parties, outputs, and timing)
  • Data Collection Tools Data collection tools (both qualitative and quantitative data as required)
  • Mobile app scripted tool as required.
  • Ethical Approval In liaison with the Director MEL, submit the protocol and all the documentation for ethical approval to both local and international Ethical Review Boards.
  • Field data collection Lead data collection as defined in the assessment protocol.
  • Review HMIS platforms to establish baseline status of the indicators.
  • Draft Report and Results validation.
  • The report should be submitted in English addressing the purpose and objectives, all the evaluation areas and covering the scope of work. The length will be determined together with the Director of MEL. A summary PPT of the report shared.
  • Validate the findings with relevant stakeholders.
  • Final Report and databases of data collected.
  • Electronic copy of the final report should be submitted in English in both Microsoft- Word and PDF version.
  • Report should include the following sections:
  • Acknowledgements.
  • List of Acronyms and abbreviations.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Executive Summary (no longer than two pages)
  • Background and Introduction.
  • Methodology and Implementation.
  • Results and Findings.
  • Recommendations.
  • Annexes.
  • A summary PPT of the final report submitted.
Required profile for job ad : Short Term Consultancy Services for Conducting Baseline Assessment


  • Preferably PhD holders or a master’s degree in social sciences, Public Health, Biostatistics, Development or any other relevant field for the independent consultant or firm Team Leader.
  • More than 10-years' work experience with proven track record in conducting baseline, midline and endline surveys for comparable institutions in the health sector in Malawi.
  • Ability to work as a team with other consultants and hiring institution.
  • Ability to work with electronic based data capture, monitoring and evaluation tools.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills both in Chichewa and English.
  • Be an expert in fieldwork or be composed of a team with expertise in the technical field(s) under the study.
  • Capacity to store and maintain data in a manner that protects respondents’ identities.
  • Be ready to assume work as soon as possible.


  • Sound communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Excellent analytical skills with demonstrated experience in using statistical packages.
  • Technical experience in the field under the study.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work in/with a varied team across multiple office and cultures.


  • Qualified Independent Consultant or Consulting Firm is expected to submit both the Technical and Financial Proposals and two sample reports of their most recent completed assignment.
  • Only applicants who fulfil the qualifications will be shortlisted and contacted. Applications will be evaluated based on cumulative analysis as per the following criteria:
  • Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation. In this regard, the respective weight of the proposals is:
  • Technical Criteria weight is 70%: Technical approach, Methodology, understanding of the assignment, proposed personnel.
  • Financial Criteria weight is 30%: Cost competitiveness and value.
Job criteria for job ad : Short Term Consultancy Services for Conducting Baseline Assessment
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Health and social professions
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Social, public and human services
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Permanent contract - Fixed-term contract
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Blantyre - Central - Lilongwe - Mzuzu - Northern - Southern
Experience level :
More than 10 years
Educational level :
Key Skills :
public health
Number of Position(s) : 1
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