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Published on 20.07.2021


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IT, software engineering, Internet
Marketing, communication, media
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Job Ad & Profile Description

Position : Photographer

Polish your mobile photography skills and get paid $50 / €40 / £35 for a 2-hour event photoshoot. 

Splento is a messaging app with a focus on sharing, storing and interacting with photos and videos from the people you care most about. 

Not some influencer advertisements, product promos from celebrities, funny videos from random strangers or cheeky GIFs in numerous WhatsApp groups, but your most precious moments from the most important people in your life - your friends and family! 

It’s like an interactive digital equivalent of your physical photo album, but with regular updates.

The app is super-fast, simple, multilingual, free and doesn’t take any space on your device. Everything is in the cloud. You can use Splento on all your devices at the same time — your photos and videos sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or computers.

Furthermore, the service is built with schools, camps, events, holiday trips, amusement parks, concerts and sporting events in mind, so that if any photos or videos of you and your family have been taken at those places - you - and no one else - can get these delivered straight to your account in the most private and secure way. 

And most importantly - the app is built with everyone in mind, not just Gen-Zs, for whom smartphones are extensions of their bodies. Many Gen Xs, Ys, millennials and Baby Boomers are not as tech-savvy as the younger generation, but for them seeing photos of their siblings, children, grandchildren and closest friends always makes their day! Every day. 

So we decided to build our app with a user experience that is suitable for each group: younger tech savvy users have more features with all the bells & whistles, whereas older folks - who get TikTok videos sent to their WhatsApp groups - have much simpler interfaces and more accessible interfaces. 

So what’s in it for photographers? 

A large share of the content we all get every year comes from photographers: birthday parties and events, weddings, christenings & bar mitzvahs and much more. Yet, the experience is usually broken. 

After a shoot, we (the photographers) send photos to our clients via Dropbox, Google Drive, Pixieset, Yandex Drive and lots of other options etc. Clients then download these photos and share them with family and friends via Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram. 

Apart from a broken experience for the client, the photographer also gets forgotten. At best, you may get one mention on Instagram or Facebook, but family and friends looking at those photos will never know who you are, whom to thank for awesome photos and where to turn when they want the same amazing service for themselves.  

But what if you could send your photos directly to a messenger that everyone is using to share and store family photos for everyone to see & comment on.  

That’s what Splento offers photographers. 

Photos of school holidays, children's events, and family filming are all stored in one place. When clients share them with their families or return to these photos after a month, a year or 10 years, the photographer’s name is always there. Splento shows the photographer's name to all of your client's contacts with whom they share the photos. This means that customers, and friends of the customers, will contact you again and again. 

But it doesn’t stop there. You also get to see all the statistics of which photos have been viewed, downloaded and shared, how many times and much, much more. 

As events are back and people are once again allowed to have face to face fun, we are conducting a series of trials. We are looking for aspiring photographers who can photograph (using their smartphone or professional camera) an event with at least 50 attendees and upload the photos and videos instantly to Splento and share the gallery with attendees. 

As long as there are at least 50+ attendees at the event who have visited the gallery, we will pay you $50 / €40 / £35 after the shoot.

Required profile for job ad : Photographer
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience
Job criteria for job ad : Photographer
Job category :
IT, new technologies
Marketing, communication
Industries :
IT, software engineering, Internet
Marketing, communication, media
Employment type :
Permanent contract - Fixed-term contract - Temporary work - Freelance - Part-time work
Region :
Blantyre - Central - Lilongwe - Mzuzu - Northern - Southern - International
Experience level :
2 to 5 years
Educational level :
High school
Spoken language :
englishgood level
Number of Position(s) : 1

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